Tuerlinckx Joelle Ronds Berlin 1996 2004

Joelle Tuerlinckx, ronds d’exposition - ensemble „berlin“, 2004; copyright Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin

Einrichtung Vi 2002 03

Michel Verjux, DEUX POURSUITES AUX MURS, FRONTALES, EN VIS-A-VIS (SOURCES AU SOL DOS À DOS), 2002; Installation 2002/03; copyright Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin

Slghoffmann 015

Isa Genzken, Werke zwischen 1981 und 2003; Installation 2008/2009; copyright Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin

Slghoffmann2014 016

Liubov Popova, Kostümentwurf, "The Magnanimous Cuckold“, 1922/1979; Olga Chernysheva, Trashman, video, 2010; Vavara Stepanova, 4 Kostümentwürfe, für das Theaterstück „Der Tode des Tarelkin“; copyright Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin

Bonvicini Xx  Einrichtung 2016 17 Mg 6908

Monica Bonvicini, NOT FOR YOU, 2006; Pavillon, 2002; Foto studioschuurman; copyright Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin

We invite guests on a 90-minute tour through Erika Hoffmann’s living spaces. Studied artists or art historians serve as moderators, sparking conversation with guests to collectively shape visits. We encourage all to contribute their own knowledge in order to craft an experience defined by an associative selection of art works rather than a didactic exhibition tour. The resulting viewing experience is less mediated than what one finds in a museum, where labels, titles and dates often command more attention than the work itself.

Team: Mark Giannori, Thomas Grötz, Hannah Hallermann, Stef Heidhues, Silke Nowak, Valeria Sanguini, Olivia Seiling, Katja Szymczak, Peer Golo Willi, Norbert Witzgall.

Tours take place regularly on Saturdays between 11am and 4pm.
Tours last 90 minutes.
Entrance: 10 Euro per person
Children older than 6 are welcome, and pay 5 Euro

Individual tours, groups, other languages

Both individual and group tours are available Monday through Friday by appointment, and cost 100€ for up to 4 people. Each additional guest (max 20) pays 25€.

To request a tour in a language other than German or English (eg. French or Italian), please contact us via telephone at +49 30 28 49 91 20 or email: mail@sammlung-hoffmann.de

House Rules

Visits to the Sammlung Hoffmann are possible only with a guide.
Children older than 6 are welcome.
All visitors must wear the provided slippers.
Please do not touch anything!
Photography and video recording are not permitted.
Large bags, backpacks and luggage must be left in the cloak room.
Eating and drinking are not permitted.
Please do not use your telephone during the tour.
No animals.